The TOUPIE is a storage tower made up of metal BOXES that revolve around an off-centre pivot pole. Rising from the floor and reaching all the way up to the ceiling, the thin-walled TOUPIE is a moving object that is able to take on a whole string of different looks depending on the position of each BOX. Consisting of 2 up to 5 boxes, separated by trays or otherwise, the tower can be personalised, which makes it eminently suited to smarten up a workplace setting or any other interior, courtesy of the almost endless colour combinations in which it is available.

At least 2 steel boxes, each measuring 36x36x36cm – height between 200 and 350 cm –different thicknesses – epoxy paint.

The TOUPIE is like a pearl necklace: BOXES are ‘strung’ along its pivot pole, with the number of boxes varying in consideration of your own needs and the required or available clearance to the ceiling.
Available in steel or aluminium, the BOXES are 38 cm x 38 cm cubes, made up of the assembly of two folded metal sheets. Which means each of the two parts can be given a different colour finish.
Each BOX carries between 25 and 30 kg in weight.
In its current iteration, three accessories are available: a tray (which also pivots around its centre in turn), a system of shelf end supports inside each BOX, whereas the bathroom version of the TOUPIE ALU comes with towel holders.
Owners can fit their TOUPIE with anywhere from two to six BOXES, whilst adding the accessories of their choice.
Because of its swivel motion, the Toupie can be made to look like a spiral or as a straight line.
All of which means the TOUPIE is highly adaptable to the user’s tastes and needs, the TOUPIE’s intended purposes or its position inside the room. It can serve as a screen wall in a large room (3, 4 Toupies – ‘pierced’ or otherwise), as a compact library in the living room, as a filing cabinet in an office setting, or as a storage cupboard in a dressing room or bedroom.
The colours can be chosen from the RAL palette: you can deck out your TOUPIE in monochrome, give each BOX its own colour for a chameleon effect, opt for shaded tones, give it a smooth or textured finish, or simply stick to one or two tones per BOX.